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Reblog - 974 notes
Reblog - 1 noteIt’s coming up SOON @sofiiamia @everything.queen
Reblog - 0 notesPost photo shoot! @sofiiamia
Reblog - 0 notesPicasso occupied my bed :>
Reblog - 0 notesBeautiful colors of my city. #barcelona

The weirdest protest against tourism. The guy says “Barcelona used to be a nice place until tourism” ooopppssy #barcelona #tourism #protest

Reblog - 1 noteThe best day is queen day! Everything looks different when you wear a crown #barcelona
Reblog - 0 notesFirst cup of coffee
Reblog - 1 noteMy bohemian cat named Pablo in my new home. #barcelona
Reblog - 1 noteNew home it is. #barcelona